Presskit - Star Duster

Presskit - Star Jolt

- Retro arcade racing -

Star Jolt is a highscore chasing 80s arcade style game where control at break neck speed is essential to become master of the arcade.

  • Challenge your friends to beat your hot score
  • Multiple score boards to compete on, globally
  • A wide range of achievements to strive for

Fun fact:
Star Jolt started out as a
custom arcade game

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What they say about Star Jolt

"Spot on in 70’s style. Love the impossible mix of pixel art, Vectrex style and just plastic overlay/mechanical parts. Truly great. My old graphican heart beats for this very strong"

-Stefan Holmqvist (Amuze and King)

"A milestone in retrogaming and an arcade masterpiece.

Also comes with insane stickers."

-Rodney (TBL)

♥️ Beardybird is made of love ❤️

Beardybird is Elin Molander (illustrator/animator) and Erik Hallgren (UX designer). We've been making games for a while, but Star Jolt is our first released game. We are a couple, and we make games together because it's fun.

Beardybird is based in the always moist city of Gothenburg, Sweden, which seem to drive its inhabitants to create games, among other creative expressions.

You can find more of Elins work here.

Erik spends most days at Future Memories.