Seeds: Dancing spider, calling play testers

We’re looking for play testers to test our game Seeds, get in touch! Also new exciting art, rocking music and a small dive into the benefits of Inverse Kinematics.

Seeds to help us grow

As we mentioned in our last blogpost we took part in the game jam Ludum Dare last weekend, 72 intensive hours of banging out a game prototype from scratch. The theme was suggested and selected by the community and this time it was a tie, “Growth” and “Two button controls”. We decided to attempt both and the result is our game Seeds which you can try out below.

Shadows of time, a concept is revealed

Today’s update goes into the themes of Shadows of Time introduced in our concept video. Keep in mind that it’s not final gameplay or art and may even give the wrong impressions, but it is the start of a conversation between us as a developer and you, our audience.

Beardybird, a beginning

We’re kicking off the blog with a short piece on how we got started making games to let you get to know us better. We are Erik, Elin and Fredrik and we are Beardybird. We create games together, a medium of expression that is and has been close to our hearts throughout our ca 35 years… Read more »