Beardybird, a beginning

We’re kicking off the blog with a short piece on how we got started making games to let you get to know us better.

We are Erik, Elin and Fredrik and we are Beardybird. We create games together, a medium of expression that is and has been close to our hearts throughout our ca 35 years long lives.

Fredrik has a background as a 3d-artist and musician, Elin is a freelance illustrator and an artist, and Erik is a freelancing UX-designer and developer. About 6 months ago we realised that this gives us a great combination of skills to be able to create and tell stories through games, Beardybird rose from the ashes.

We made a bunch of prototypes from Erik and Elin’s (they’re a couple) living room and Elin’s studio. This taught us a lot about what types of games we wanted to make, what stories we wanted to tell and of course what worked and what didn’t. After a time we figured that this was so much fun that we should look for a dedicated space to start a indie game studio and get to work.

We caught wind of Sweden Game Arena, a game incubator originally based in Skövde (Sweden’s guttural game town) that was branching out to our beautiful coastal city of Gothenburg. To our joy they accepted our team and we are now on our way to make Shadows of Time, a game about being young, bullied and with the burden of saving the world on your shoulders.

In our next post we’ll talk more about the theme of Shadows of Time, what we are hoping to achieve with it and why, if there is anything you are curious about, let us know with a tweet to @beardybird!

Until then, hej då!
/Erik, on behalf of Beardybird