BeardyBird in Paris, Ludum Dare globally, new office locally

GameConnection Montage

Paris Games Week, Erik and Elin, and our booth-buddies Palindrome Interactive.

Game Connection last month was both rewarding and a learning experience. After an intensive few days of meetings with publishers we’ve come away with an encouraging reception of the concept for Shadows of Time and a lot of new connections for BeardyBird. It’s a strange and unfamiliar situation for many creatives; explaining the uniqueness of what you are doing related to business value, rather than putting the focus on artistic value (which is important here as well). It was a strange and unfamiliar situation for creatives, but it is now added experience and learnt skills for the future.

New office space in time for Ludum Dare

We’ve moved offices! Beardybird masks and beers all around!

Beardybirds, hard at work

Beardybirds, hard at work


Timing for the move is perfect as the game jam Ludum Dare kicks off globally tonight (3am CET) so we’ll spend the weekend here, with a couple of friends joining in. We have brought the camping hammocks for sleeping, beers for drinking, pizza* is around the corner and hopefully we’ll put together interesting game concepts (you never know)! Game jams like Ludum Dare are an opportunity to test out fresh ideas, concepts and workflows that either has come up while working on  Shadows of Time or find new ones to include if they show promise.

We will link to the resulting game on Facebook, regardless of if it’s a burning failure or a soaring success. After all, Ludum Dare means “to give a game”.



*Good pizza place is dangerously close to the new offices