Seeds: Dancing spider, calling play testers

Spider blowing

Say hello to our little friend.

You might have seen the previous version of this character on our facebook page. A mechanised spider who blows air to push you off (or along!) your path. Elin, our AD, has been busy nailing down the art style for Seeds and the new version of the spider has come out of that as well as wanting a more flexible way to handle character animation.

Spider jumping with IK

Spider jumping with IK

One problem with the previous version was that it was a static animation (sprite sheet animation). Each different variation of the spider would have needed separate sprite sheets, causing a lot of overhead in code, animation and performance. The new spider instead uses a bone structure and something called Inverse Kinematics (calculations on how the joints should move to move the limbs to desired positions), Now we can do a bunch of things which would be difficult or even impossible using sprite sheet animation such as have the spider look towards the player in a natural way, or dance. You can see a bit of how it works in the animation.


The spider is of course just one of many different obstacles that you will have to overcome in your pursuit of busting into the seed bank to release the mother of seeds.

A dancing spider calls for a beat.

Fredrik, who is doing the audio for this project, has begun work on a sweet tune to accompany the gameplay and set the mood. You can hear a rough first version of it here:

Next up in audio is creating a dynamic soundtrack that responds to the actions you do in the game, reinforcing and creating a great atmosphere.

Looking for play testers

We are presently prepping the game for a second round of play testing, and we would love it if you’re interested in trying it out, let us know on twitter, facebook or send an email to Next round of tests will be done in Gothenburg,

If you would like to be a beta tester in the future, we’ll make most announcements like that in our monthly newsletter, which you may subscribe to at the bottom of the page.