Shadows of time, a concept is revealed

Today’s update goes into the themes of Shadows of Time introduced in our concept video. 

Keep in mind that it’s not final gameplay or art and may even give the wrong impressions, but it is the start of a conversation between us as a developer and you, our audience. First take a look:

Our young, bullied, heroes must fight back against an eternal being that is trying to manifest physically in a rural town. To manifest, the town must be in a permanent state where nothing changes. In our heroes’ way is a cult of corrupted teachers and students, that will do anything in their power to help the being.

The theme of bullying is central to both the story and the mechanics. The heroes of Shadows of Time have developed extraordinary abilities through their different ways of coping with bullying. In the video you meet Jun, who can control electricity with the help of her fireflies. Because the heroes stand out, the town’s inhabitants are forced to reevaluate the norms of their society, and so they fight back and try to marginalise instead. You see, if the society changes, the eternal being will be weakened.

Our ambition is that a game about bullied characters  who have transformed their coping mechanisms into superpowers will empower those who have experiences of bullying. We want to shine a light on the issue and be part of fighting back against it. What better way to do this than through a fun, challenging and engaging game?

Our next post will probably be more about the business side of things, as we head to Game Connection in Paris tomorrow to meet with publishers for Shadows of Time. Come see us if you are around, we are with Sweden Game Arena, booth A134.

Until next time, hej då

/Erik, on behalf of Beardybird